February OCD Blog Hop

5 03 2014

This month, Ellen is hosting the blog hop and has asked us to write about our favourite quotes…


I have three younger brothers (although I’m constantly being mistaken for the younger sister, despite there being up to an eleven year age gap!) and have had the delight of watching them grow up. They are all now strapping young men (enormously tall and far too strong to fight with these days), and yet I didn’t see it happen. I didn’t see those extra centimetres or their faces change shape with age (although not wisdom, it would seem). Day by day, nothing changed, and yet looking back, so much is different.

Which brings me to CBT. As you creep up your hierarchy of fears, it can seem as though little is changing. For me, there were no overnight lightening bolts of sudden success, just a long and hard slog towards recovery. The problem with the baby steps is that sometimes it’s hard to remember that you are still moving forwards, and to look back at how far you have come. So that’s why I like this quote – it reminds me to reflect on all that has changed, no matter how small it might seem day to day. That’s the thing about tiny steps – they add up to massive great distances.


Every week I come across people with OCD who are being failed by society. Children who are out of school and yet still not able to access treatment, people who are losing their homes, families and jobs because of this totally unnecessary condition and those who are too scared to even ask for help because of the stigma and misunderstandings around mental illness. Worse than that, a huge amount needs to be done in mental health care, but I think that even more needs to be done in the area of learning disability. People with learning disabilities are dying and being put in dangerous situations in the very places that are supposed to keep them safe. So I’m going to be a pain. I’m going to be that annoying girl who never shuts up about it. Because if we don’t shout about this from the rooftops, if we don’t demand change and not cease until it is delivered, nobody else will. And this quote reminds me that it’s okay to be like that. It’s okay to say that things are not good enough and to fight for improvement.

And finally (but most importantly)…


All donations to Bellsie’s teabag fund very welcome – stocks are running perilously low!

Obsessively compulsively yours,




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5 03 2014

*hug* Thanks for the post! It’s just what I needed to hear today🙂

6 03 2014
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