The First OCD Blog Hop!

19 01 2014

Hello fellow bloggers!

As mentioned on Twitter (follow me at @ocyours – plug over), I thought that perhaps we could hold an OCD blog hop. You are all very welcome to participate – professional or service-user, family member, friend or just interested.

How does it work?

The theme for this blog hop is “Hope“. You can write anything you like around that topic, post it on your blog and then comment on this post with the link to it.

You have until 1st Feb to write your blog – at this point I’ll collect all the links up into a post on this blog.

We take it in turns to host the blog hop, so do mention if you’d be happy to do it for another month.

So, get those fingers ready!

Obsessively compulsively yours,




8 responses

19 01 2014
19 01 2014
Janet (ocdtalk)

Thanks for including me……I’ll try to write something soon!

20 01 2014

My Hopeful blog

Would be happy to host a blog hop if I ever figure out what I’m doing lol

20 01 2014
26 01 2014
26 01 2014
31 01 2014
3 02 2014

My blog post on Hope….
Emily x

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